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Monday, 18 May 2009

My Mother's Day

Well it is Monday not Friday, sorry I didn’t get to post up on Friday as I had intended but the ever present Migraine hit with a vengeance on Thursday morning while sleeping (woke me up) and just got worse during the day. Still today I am under the cloud but I can work a little with the help of pain killers. I really should take out shares in the company.

As I mentioned last post I was going to show you what I did on Mother’s Day. Jonathan had an assignment for Food tech where he had to cook a 2 course meal. Well I thought what better time than Mother’s Day where he had plenty of time and I didn’t have to cook. It was a lovely meal of roast capsicum and tomato soup, fennel encrusted pork with baked parsnip and apple and he also did a dessert, a fruit parfait. Here are some photos’ of him cooking. He had to have evidence that he actually cooked. The meal was really yummy he did a fabulous job. I just helped him with some of his timing things. Do this job while you wait for this part to cook etc. He did all the rest, he quite the budding cook.

The start of the adventure, cutting the capsicums in half to roast in the oven.

Cutting up onion, not one of my favourite jobs and I am not an onion fan anyway. Glad it was Jonathan and not me.

We couldn't find ground fennel so for a present for Mother's day I got this lovely mortar and pestle. I have always wanted one.

Using the boat motor as it is affectionately called is lots of fun. Makes the soup lovely and smooth as well.

The finished results of the soup.

The Pork!

The lovely fruit parfait.

So While Jonathan cooked I finished off my last 2 weeks of the journaling course I was doing. The journaling course went for 12 weeks and helped you explore all different ways of journaling your scrapbooking pages. (I will show more of the ideas in later posts) These 2 pages that you see are the result of having to use creative story telling journaling. Of course not a long novel but more like a children’s story with a couple of lines per photo. It took me a while to work out what photos to use and then I looked at the photos of the kids while we were in Tassie in January. Jonathan loves man ferns so Michael thought we would go and show the kids one of our childhood’s great walks through Notley Fern Gorge just 30-40 minutes from Launceston. It is a simple page but I think it looks o.k.

I cut the title using the craft robo using comic sans font (Jonathan’s favourite) in the new creative memories colour brick. The rest of the papers and card stock are either from Creative Memories or Stampin’ up and you can’t get them any more. Yes I am actually using some of the stash I have sitting in the spare bedroom or as I like to call it “My Room” Anyway I also used a sponge and some matching ink around the edge of the writing. If you read the story without the photos you would think I am a little weird but it was part of the challenge for this week.

Left hand Page

Right Hand Page

This page of Sarah cooking was for the final week of the journaling course: Sequential photo journaling. It is a great way to get lots of photos on a 1 or 2 pages. My brother David had sent Sarah a cupcake kit for Christmas so we were making our first batch. Sarah had a great time and we took photo’s to send to David. Yet again another simple page but I think it works o.k.

The background page is creative memories but of course it is the old 12x12. They haven’t bought out all the colours in the new 12x12 size yet and the pink is Stampin’ Up’s pretty in pink card stock which you can still get. I really liked the idea of highlighting a couple of words to bring out some of the emotions behind the day.

Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by to check out what I have been up to. See you soon.

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